Tricksy is a little pixie who first appeared in A Tricksy Wedding

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She has a habit of talking in rhyme, such as rhyming "reflection" with "collection"

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She seems to have a magically fast power to swap things. For example:

  • dumbbell for flower bouquet
  • bananas for leaves
  • rubber bands for ropes

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She is small, has blue fur, pointy ears, red hair tied into a bun, green eyes, two short horns and goat legs.


Her outfit consists only of a yellow dress with pink frills on the collar, skirt, and sleeves and a pink belt with a pink satchel attached to it.

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Season Two

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  • Her blue fur might be a reference to the Picts. A tribe of people who painted their faces blue, from which the word "pixie" is supposedly derived.

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