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TV guides describe this series as follows:

A girl possesses the royal qualities of a princess while also embodying the courage of a knight.

Nella: An unconventional heroine who goes on marvelous quests to show the world that there's more than one way to be a princess...or a knight.

Trinket: Nella's best friend, a fashionable unicorn and loyal friend who helps Nella on her quests.

Garrett and Clod: A knight and his steed who often accompany Nella when she embarks on a quest.

King Dad and Queen Mom: Nella's parents.

The Knight Brigade: A group of well-meaning knights who guard the royal home.

Voice actors: Akira Golz as Nella | Samantha Hahn as Trinket | Micah Gursoy as Garrett | Matthew Gumley as Clod | Ty Jones as King Dad | Rebecca Soler as Queen Mom | Tyler Bunch as Knight Brigade Captain