Mermaid Melody

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Nella drops her sword in the magic lake, then dives in to get it transforming her into a mermaid with long flowing green hair with a shade similar to her hair tie, and a shiny silver tail with pink and purple fins, similar to her armor. once she reaches the bottom of the magic lake her sword is nowhere to be seen. then suddenly her skin turns silver and her hands become webbed and she grows additional fins. Once Nella realizes she's turning into a fish by being in the magic lake for too long, she goes on a quest to get the sword back.and back to the surface before she is completely transformed into a fish

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Main Characters

Minor Characters

  • Princess Aquatria and Queen Aquatria

Supporting Characters

  • Cold Willow Sir Coach


  • Princess Fathoma and Dark Fin

Other Characters

  • Cici Trinket

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